Share some love this Christmas


As you have probably realised by now, we’re not hosting our daily reflections in Advent this year but we are teaming up with Movement of Love, to share some thoughts on sharing the love instead.

‘Movement Of Love’ is a community that was formed this year, for people who want to spread a message of love across our nation, to counteract the growing hate. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to see a difference and bring a more positive atmosphere to their communities, towns and country. We have an opportunity and a desire to speak love and life into our nation from the ground up.

So this year our Advent message is not just ‘Share the Hope’ but ‘Share the Love’! Over the next week or so as we approach Christmas we’ll be posting a few reflections from people about what love means to them. We hope you enjoy them and do go check out Movement of Love on Facebook or Twitter