What is ‘Share the Hope’?

: Share the Hope ran for the first time in 2013, aiming to be an advent calendar for the digital age (without the chocolate!).  It’s all about hearing about hope and sharing some hope.

We all know that December can be a totally crazy month with all the Christmas preparation, but the season of Advent is really about hope and we’d like to encourage people to think about that message of hope in amongst the busyness.

So, each day we’ll be publishing a little bit of hope, with a reflection, a bit of the Christmas story and something to share with your friends or those around you.


: In December the first thing my kids want to do in the morning is run down and grab the chocolate from their advent calendars: chocolate before breakfast – that’s never allowed! But the truth is Advent is about so much more than chocolate and calendars. Advent is a season of preparation – well you might think we all know that, don’t we? December is all about preparing for Christmas right? – the endless shopping, the parties, the nativity plays, the gigantic food shop, the present buying, eating too much, drinking too much –  and all for just one days celebration…

So, ‘Share the Hope’ aims to encourage people to spend 5 minutes each day preparing in a different way. Advent is also all about Hope – about the hope that we have in Jesus, that no matter where we are, who we are, what we’ve done, where we’re going, that we can have Hope in him, even when all human hope has gone, we can still be hopeful in him. ‘Share the Hope’, is a way of sharing some of that hope and we want to encourage people to share that hope with those around them too…

: Share the Hope is also at:

Facebook.com/Sharethehopeuk @sharethehopeuk


: Share the Hope is put together by a team from The Point Church, Sussex, an Anglican Fresh Expression planted in 2004. It includes contributions from people from all over the country, from different parts of the church, of all ages and lots of different backgrounds. 

: This year we are aiming to reach much further than last year with a target to reach of 1000 likes on our Facebook page and hopefully lots more following via Twitter and here on the blog.





2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you – so glad you are doing this again. Last year I forwarded the advent messages to friends. Will it be possible to do that this year by pressing the ‘forward’ button as a group? it was easy to do last year. Dont know how to do Facebook or Twitter!! They much appreciated them. Please let me know. Ali x

  2. The message for hope is wonderful in a Person life. I believe that Jesus Christ is one the greatest thing I have hope in because he is the savior of all man kind without him I would be nothing. I am everything though him and I can become everything though him. Jesus Christ is a great source of light to any ones day.

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