Share the Love // We Stand With Love

love-handConvergence is a US movement that convenes a growing network of ecumenical faith leaders to work together on a common Progressive Christian agenda that affects the common good. For the last seven months we have been working day and night with partners across the country on the We Stand With Love campaign.

Before our political parties ever even chose their candidates, people of faith, all kinds of faith, were gathering in back rooms and denouncing the hateful and violent rhetoric that was being used to describe so many of us. We were denouncing it and organizing ourselves for a movement grounded in our shared value of love and respect for all people.

The We Stand With Love campaign is a multi-faceted, multi-faith messaging campaign that aims to speak wisdom and unity during and after an election season fraught with tension and hostility. We Stand With Love helps people stand up for love in word, in deed, in symbol, online, in person, and in public. We Stand With Love invites people to “overcome evil with good” by equipping people with courageous, constructive, and creative responses, rooted in love.

This campaign represents every age, every gender, every race, every religion, and every creed.

We are a people who refuse to live in fear. We pledge to love beyond our differences. We replace fear-based politics with love for one another and a promise to protect each other.

This election cycle has brought with it loud messages—messages that are too frequently sowing fear, division and discord, ugly messages that threaten to turn us against rather than toward each other. For the thousands who have already joined the We Stand With Love campaign and the millions represented by our more than 39 organizational partners, we are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No matter which political party you represent, hateful violent rhetoric that marginalizes women, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, persons who are differently abled, African Americans, Muslims, etc. is simply unacceptable. We will not stand for it and because of our collective faith traditions we are compelled, no, required to speak out in solidarity and act on behalf of our neighbor. We say NO to the hate rhetoric that threatens to divide us and YES to more just and generous ways of living with and loving one another.

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Rev. Dr. Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock is Chief Strategy Officer at ConvergenceUS, a founding partner of We Stand With Love. Andreolli-Comstock manages daily operations and a team of volunteers for We Stand With Love.