Welcome to Share the Hope 2014!


Did you know that Advent actually starts today? Yes I know it’s still November but churches across the world will be recognising the start of the season of Advent today. A season of hope…

Share the Hope is running a bit like an online Advent calendar so we’ll be launching our reflections tomorrow on 1st December but today we wanted to tell you a bit about this year’s Share the Hope and what you can expect over the coming days.

Share the Hope began last year as a little spark of an idea. A chance conversation between two friends about the Christmas preparation beginning earlier and earlier each year and the stress that it causes. And it’s true, by the time we get to December many of us are already feeling slightly twitchy at the thought of Christmas! Are you already immersed in the preparations? Maybe you are overrun with lists of things that need to be done? Or maybe you are someone who is Christmas crazy and loving every minute! Or perhaps for you Christmas is a difficult time? Are there sad memories or missed loved ones?

Whatever your situation, whoever you are and whatever your background or beliefs, we hope that Share the Hope will give you a few minutes of peace, and of course hope, each day until Christmas Day.

Each day will have three things:

The Christmas Story: like a traditional Advent calendar, as we head through December, we will follow the story of Christmas, with a few lines from the bible each day.

Some Hope: Each day people will be sharing with us their own experiences of God’s hope in their lives. We have a whole new range of reflections for this year, and we’ve been completely blown away by the honesty, courage and love that people have shared in them. We hope that you will be as touched by their stories as we have been.

Daily Share: Of course we want you to receive and enjoy the daily doses of hope, but we’d also love you to share some hope too! So each day there will be a suggestion of something you can do to share some hope with the people around you. Some will be simple things you can do, whether it’s in giving, or loving, or just being there. Others might challenge you a little bit more! Some of our ideas will appeal to you and some won’t, some will work for the people around you and some not so much, so do use your imagination… It’s up to you which you do, but we’d love to think that you’d do a few. Between us all imagine how much hope we can share each day…

So here’s a quick starter – who can you share this with today? Who can you invite to join in with ‘Share the Hope’ this year?