Share the Hope 2014


It’s so great to be repeating Share the Hope this year and now we’ve got our own blog too, where you can see all the posts as they are published… You can find out more about Share the Hope by clicking on the ‘about’ link above. And make sure you click ‘follow’ on the right hand side to get each post sent directly to your inbox throughout December!


So, What is ‘Share the Hope’?

: Share the Hope ran for the first time in 2013, aiming to be an advent calendar for the digital age (without the chocolate!).  It’s all about hearing about hope and sharing some hope.

We all know that December can be a totally crazy month with all the Christmas preparation, but the season of Advent is really about hope and we’d like to encourage people to think about that message of hope in amongst the busyness.

So, each day we’ll be publishing a little bit of hope, with a reflection, a bit of the Christmas story and something to share with your friends or those around you.

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: Share the Hope is put together by a team from The Point Church, Sussex, an Anglican Fresh Expression planted in 2004. It includes contributions from people from all over the country, from different parts of the church, of all ages and lots of different backgrounds. 

: This year we are aiming to reach much further than last year so please do help us to spread the word! Thanks…